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Midnight Waters has not been just created, however. It's lived before-hand through,, as well as my good friend Kaze's website, Originally called Neostar, the site was created to be a Sailor Moon fansite, but grew from that to become my own personal hideaway. Originally hosting my personal TCG Nibelheim, my own TCG Log Imagination, as well as the growing blog/collective simply called Midnight Waters; this site has grown considerably since its' creation in 1998. was created on June 26th, 2006 via Elixant Hosting. Due to the proding of friends JKaizer and cellDamage from the Elixant Forums, I decided to get a Bronze Hosting Plan to be able to host upcoming websites dedicated to my pursuit of Voice Acting, as well as some personal sites as well.

After the unfortunately demise of Elixant Hosting, Midnight Waters found a new home at Dreamhost back in May of 2007. Hosted there, Midnight Waters grew beyond just my personal site, but also one that began to take on hostees as well! Offers of hosting were extended and accepted to the webcomic "catch-exception", the translation project "tcg2", the web-graphics of, Pairings TCG (for their Image Host) and the TCG tradepost of Aegis.

When it came time to move once again, Three-Words came highly recommended as a new host. Of course, having been for many years, it was time for a change and was born! With a new layout from hostee Lucien of, the new progress of and our few hostees begins anew!
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